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Tim Levitan

  • In your opinion, what are the biggest problems regarding safety and security in tourism? How to insure that our guests feel safe when choosing a hotel or destination?

It is in my opinion that from the outset security is not widely talked about aspect. Everyone anticipate it has been done already for the team and on their behalf! However prior to your arrival you go through the size of bed, which breakfast and other preferences, yet NO one mention any aspects of safety and security which actually lots more important than all the other things in reality. Safety and security is not advertised and marketed enough to put it into the same level as all the rest of the things in hospitality!

  • How important is it for a hotel to have a dedicated security team, instead of outsourcing it, or having a GM handle all safety procedures and issues?

It’s not about a dedicated security team but a dedicated, competent, switched on Head of security who knows the trends, well connected, educated and an achiever. Who can lead the hotel as a whole and ensure the importance of safety, security and risk appropriately addressed, mitigated and escalated. Security in current day and age should be paramount and having a GM dealing with the aspect of security will always put the security to the secondary matter of importance!

  • In your opinion, will safety become a crucial item for guests when choosing their hotel?

Well for me it is already: I choose the location, I look on the maps, surroundings, safety features etc. I am security conscious individual! It is only a matter of time that others become too!  Nowadays it is really silly to rely on luck: as we have witnessed specifically in Europe regarding Terrorism and Crime, and Fraud! You have to be more proactive and hospitality should promise you that you are secured whilst with them, which must be paramount!  

  • What do you most look forward regarding your participation at Safe Stay event in London?

I am a controversial safety and security practitioner; I want to put my point of view across the board and really to witness the reaction of the audience and those who represent the security sector as well. I represent the 21 century approach and believe that many are still stuck in the 80s!