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Tess Baker

  • Tess, can you briefly introduce us with NYA? What is your field of work, with which industries do you work with?

NYA is a risk and crisis management consultancy with over 28 years’ experience working with clients from virtually every industry. To give you an example, this month alone we have worked with companies from the following industries; Aerospace, Education, Humanitarian, Finance, Oil & Gas, Government, Maritime, Insurance and Mining. We provide crisis response services for clients globally and are retained by a number of leading ‘special risks’ cyber and crisis management insurers. We also provide risk prevention and crisis management capability building services to help clients mitigate risk and improve their preparedness.

  • You joined us at Safe Stay conference as a workshop leader on the following topic: Crisis management – A best practice approach for protecting people, business and reputation following a crisis event. What did our attendees learn by joining your workshop?

Because of our daily exposure of handling crisis response cases we have years of experience which we can bring to help our clients build resilience into their crisis and security plans. I offered advice on a range of considerations that should be addressed in order to build an effective crisis management capability. For example I highlighted the importance of ensuring that a crisis communication planning is part of the main strategy and is not handled separately which is a common mistake we see. I involved the audience in some practical exercises which I believe drives greater engagement and understanding of the topic.

  • What were your expectations from attending Safe Stay event in London? What were you most looking forward to?

I enjoy meeting and learning from others within the industry that encounter the same challenges that our clients face. Every organisation and crisis has its own unique set of circumstances and I was looking forward to hearing how others have overcome or mitigated against these situations.