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Speaker interviews


Meet Tess Baker, Director of Security and Crisis Consulting at NYA who will join us as a workshop leader on the following topic: Crisis Management – A best practice approach for protecting people, business and reputation following a crisis event 

  • Tess, can you briefly introduce us with NYA? What is your field of work, with which industries do you work with?

NYA is a risk and crisis management consultancy with over 28 years’ experience working with clients from virtually every industry. To give you an example, this month alone we have worked with companies from the following industries; Aerospace, Education, Humanitarian, Finance, Oil & Gas, Government, Maritime, Insurance and Mining.

Miguel Gonzalez Lopez

Meet Miguel Gonzalez Lopez, Technical Services Director EMEA at Melia Hotels International who will join us as a panellist on the following topic: Securing the budget and ROI for added safety and security measures

  • During the Safe Stay conference you will participate in a panel discussion regarding the following topic: Securing the budget and ROI for added safety and security measures – can you give us a brief insight into the panel? 

In general terms, in all the fields, we are used to maximize the resources and avoid those expenses without a direct and tangible effect, in other words, to find the best ROI. It is true that investing in security, most of the times, there is not a visual effect or something tangible for the guests as a refurbishment or an improvement of the facilities of a hotel, however it is just as important as…

Andy Davis

We spoke with Andy Davis, Managing Director at Trident Manor Limited, who will lead a workshop on the topic “Security is Everybody’s Business – Obtaining all Employee Buy-In”.

  • As a Managing Director at Trident Manor Limited, can you briefly introduce us with your company?

Trident Manor was established to provide individuals and organisations with discreet, highly professional security risk management consultancy services. We specialize in supporting senior executives in identifying, mitigating and managing organisational risks that can impact their assets…

Kris Troukens

Kris Troukens, owner of Quality Hotel Services shared with us his expert opinion on the impact of GDPR on hotels and guests, what the first steps for hotels to adapt to the regulation are, and much more. Read all about it in the interview.

  • You will be joining Safe Stay event as a speaker on the following topic: GDPR in detail for hospitality – Securing your previous, current and potential guests, and cyber security implications. Can you give us a brief introduction into your presentation?

GDPR is a fabulous opportunity to X-ray your operations. You need to KNOW exactly which processes are in place, where you’ve got personal-data-streams, and you have to understand all implications, and potential risks involved with these processes…

Peter Claeson

Read what the Safety & Security Manager at Scandic Hotels, Peter Claeson thinks about safety and security in tourism.

  • As a Safety & Security Manager at Scandic Hotels, what are the issues that you are facing on a daily basis when it comes to keeping your guests safe?

Probably the most challenging is to make sure that our staff is on focus 24/7 and by saying this –  the task is to do our everyday work but to think safety at the same time. So the demands on our staff is steadily increasing…

Peter Milewski

Meet Peter Milewski, Security Manager at Melia Hotels International who will present a case study on the topic of “Handling vandalism at our hotel”.

  • From your point of view, how important it is for a hotel to implement a training program that continuously educates employees on best practices?

Hotel environment, by its very nature, needs to be welcoming and as restrictions and barriers free as possible. Travellers appreciate wide open spaces, common eating and working areas, ability to move freely between public places within a hotel – as long though – as their perceived level of safety and security is high enough…

Stuart Grainger-Smith

Stuart Grainger-Smith, Security & Safety Manager at Amba Hotel Marble Arch talks about the importance of safety and security considerations to guests. Read all about it in the interview.

  • You recently wrote an article “What’s the relationship between: training, knowledge, regulation and professionalism?”. Can you give as a brief introduction?

The UK has one of the lowest number of Mandatory required training hours in Europe, coupled with no requirement for Continued Professional Development. This means that from a requirement of qualification point of view…

Tim Levitan

We spoke with Tim Levitan, Director of Security at The London Edition, who will hold a presentation titled “New era of security and risk strategy for hotels”. Read his interview below.

  • In your opinion, what are the biggest problems regarding safety and security in tourism? How to insure that our guests feel safe when choosing a hotel or destination?

It is in my opinion that from the outset security is not widely talked about aspect. Everyone anticipate it has been done already for the team and on their behalf…