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Miguel Gonzalez Lopez

  • During the Safe Stay conference you will participate in a panel discussion regarding the following topic: Securing the budget and ROI for added safety and security measures – can you give us a brief insight into the panel?

In general terms, in all the fields, we are used to maximize the resources and avoid those expenses without a direct and tangible effect, in other words, to find the best ROI. It is true that investing in security, most of the times, there is not a visual effect or something tangible for the guests as a refurbishment or an improvement of the facilities of a hotel, however it is just as important as having a good product to sell. The main objective of the panel should be to discuss the measures to be taken and arguments from a safety and security point of view, to make the investments and expenses more attractive for the board members and making the decision easier to be taken from a non-expert point of view. On the other hand, we have to evaluate all the benefits in avoiding risks being materialized, which means, the economic resources we save by investing in safety.

  • When we talk about safety in tourism, can you give us an overview of the current situation and problems we are facing with? Where are we today and where do we want to be tomorrow?

From a Facilities Management point of view, we know that when buildings & facilities get older and used, the risks in terms of safety are increased. Then the main problem we face today are those buildings which were built more than thirty years ago. Thanks to the different regulations (i.e. in Fire Protection, Legionnaire’s Diseases prevention, Electrical regulation, etc) we can’t imagine today a building not being compliant with the minimum safety standards. Thinking in the future, we should focus on early detection plans and Life Cycle Analysis applied to buildings and facilities in order to establish the action plans to fix any deviation on a proactive approach.

  • In your opinion, will guests appreciate the add-on value from safer hotels and destinations?

The core business of a hotel group is to sell experiences, if a guest is not comfortable in a room the experience will not happen, in the same way if a guest doesn’t feel safe in a hotel or destination, a positive experience will not occur either, so in my opinion when choosing my stay I will prioritize safer hotels and destinations rather than price or other services.

  • What do you most look forward regarding your participation at Safe Stay event in London?

I hope the Safe Stay event will create the right environment to share experiences and networking between the different stakeholders in security & safety, as it would be a very good opportunity to take the pulse of the state of the art and the trends of the market.