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Andy Davis

  • As a Managing Director at Trident Manor Limited, can you briefly introduce us with your company?

Trident Manor was established to provide individuals and organisations with discreet, highly professional security risk management consultancy services. We specialize in supporting senior executives in identifying, mitigating and managing organisational risks that can impact their assets (people, property, information and reputation) by working with and for clients; without any third party influences. Our direction is provided through our motto ‘Enabling the Protection of Assets,’ a statement of intent that we are proud to maintain.

I am proud to have Trident Manor delivering services around the world and across multiple sectors. Our experience within the hospitality industry has been gained by conducting reviews and operations for governmental organisations, VIP’s, members of Royalty. Where necessary advising and providing guidance to reduce the levels of risk that exist. Trident Manor sees the hospitality sector as an area where continued and increasing risks exist and it is only by working collaboratively will the challenges be managed.

  • You will join us at Safe Stay conference as a workshop leader on the following topic: Security is Everybody’s Business – Obtaining all Employee Buy-In. What can our attendees expect by joining your workshop and what will they learn from it?

The beauty of Safe Stay conference is that it is sector specific. That means that workshops contained within the conference are able to be better focused towards the real issues that can impact the sector. The workshop identifies the importance of having clearly define governance in place which includes policies, practices and procedures, how education and awareness programmes are crucial to increasing everybody’s levels of vigilance and understanding, not only of the threats and risks that exist but also the part that all staff play in protecting themselves, guests, colleagues and the organisation. By creating this understanding and awareness a positive culture can be established that empowers all staff to play a proactive role in security as opposed to seeing it as ‘somebody else’s job’. The workshop will draw upon experiences within the audience and international best practices in security risk management activities to enable attendees to understand the importance of obtaining all employee buy-in.

  • What do you most look forward regarding your participation at Safe Stay event in London?

Having worked with the hospitality industry for over 15 years it is great to get together with colleagues who are seeking to better support and protect the sector from the risks that exist whether they be naturally occurring, criminal or terrorist related. It represents a great learning experience and a chance for those within the sector; not just the security teams, to network and learn about the management of security and safety risks from some of the industry’s best speakers.